Magento is a powerful E-Commerce platform built as an open source solution owned by eBay. It has a huge array of features and functions which can power anything from small online shops to huge multinationals like Nike, Gant or Samsung use Magento. Magento has become a clear choice if you want to build a more advance online store, it will give highest ROI of the time, energy and money.

Magento is power packed with features like cross-selling, up-selling, comparisons and discounts. Magento is an excellent choice for businesses which focus on online sales. Magento also allows you to pull together multiple online stores into one dashboard – an immensely valuable advantage if you manage multiple online stores.

Magento is much harder to customise and adding extensions. Magento has a steep learning curve for most of the new users of E-Commerce store owners. If you’re not familiar with the Magento backend system, you need to hire a professional Magento developer to develop and set your store up, and due to the complexities of the platform, it may a little costlier affair. So the features, flexibility, scalability and robustness adds a cost in development and management. Being a complex solution with stiff learning curve it can adds an immense value once it is mastered. Here are some main features of Magento. (For Complete and detailed list of Magento Feature read our blog here)

  • Specifically designed for eCommerce

  • Perfect for large eCommerce websites

  • Multi-store management

  • Highly scalable platform

  • Flexible and powerful features

  • Selling over 2,500 products

  • Products have multiple variations

  • Responsive structurefor iOS, Android, and any mobile devices

  • Fully customizable design, with wide range of templates

  • Customer segmentation, targeted promotions and merchandising available.

  • Automated email marketing 

  • Private sales feature (restrict catalog to specific customers).

  • Multiple wish lists.

  •  integrated Content management system (CMS)

  • Polls and customer groups.

  • Unlimited product attributes.

Magento is a very popular open source E-Commerce solution, and it has built up an excellent recall value for the brand. Here are some pros offered by it:

  • Powerful customization to fill in any complex requirement to provide almost any features and functionality

  • Excellent performance and speed can be achieved with the right infrastructure support

  • Efficient and powerful SEO is possible

  • The agility and scalability to ensure seamless growth of store

  • Magento can be very helpful to cater an international reach due to its features like easy language translation and currency conversion

  • Magento has a loyal and expert Community to get an additional support

  • It comes with a professional look, with well-organized information and categories, covering each aspect of online store that could help you build an ideal E-Commerce business

  • Magento offers very detailed content and information. Every category comes with lots of options that will undoubtedly lead to a professional and a successful website

Preferred User Group

  • Suitable for medium to large businesses

  • Large set of products

  • Have multiple product variations

  • Needs some complex discounting rules and shipping rules

  • Multi-store owners

  • Companies with large teams

All these features and community backed support makes Magento an online selling platform to build any type of online selling websites. Below are few of the reasons why you should consider us to build your Magento website.

  • Diverse, Expert and highly Experienced team

  • Deep understanding of business goals and pulse on the Industry and the User

  • Great design sense and ultimate UI/UX experience

  • Combination of Creativity and Passion for E-Commerce web designing

  • Highly Organized teams which plan everything

  • We invest heavily in internal training and processes

  • We Understand your time is valuable so always complete projects promptly

  • Understands the security vulnerabilities and constant upgrading ourselves against new threats

  • High testing standards

  • Can build complex and agile E-Commerce websites

  • Ability to develop custom plugins

  • Can help you to build E-Commerce marketplace website

  • All the major payment gateways integration possible

  • All the major logistic and courier integration

  • Multi-currency management for Global buyers

  • Supports digital products

  • Ability to develop custom plugins

  • Cost effective

  • Can manage any hosting environment

  • All the major browsers compatibility

  • Follows best industry practices

  • Understands SEO very well

  • Excellent support system

  • Expertise in optimizing the site speed and optimizing the user experience

  • Support for Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google DFP and Affiliate marketing

Reach out to us to build or migrate your Magento store.