WooCommerce is a powerful E-Commerce toolkit developed to transform any WordPress website into an easy to manage and beautiful online store. WooCommerce enables users to create an online store within their WordPress blogs or websites. It’s renowned for its flexibility and customization options, features, easy interface, and cost effectiveness. WooCommerce is renowned by WordPress users and supported by the WordPress community.

WooCommerce is also perfect for beginners to start with as a model E-Commerce store. WordPress is simple and easy to use, and WooCommerce is just an extension of that. Product ratings and feature products or best sellers are available through the available widgets, but anything else more complex will require an add-on.

Pros of Using WooCommerce Platform:

  • Bundled with payment gateways

  • Free shipping or flat rate shipping options

  • Easily Configurable tax settings with tax classes and local tax rates

  • Marketing campaigns (discount options, usage limits, product/user restrictions, etc.)

  • User reviews and ratings

  • It comes with nicely organized reports. They are carefully filtered in specific categories: sales by date, by product, by category, coupons by date etc.

  • It is very easy to use, with a very short learning curve especially because the users are already knowledgeable about the WordPress ecosystem that it is a part of

  • WooCommerce offers a simple feature set that is sufficient for establishing a basic E-Commerce store

  • Can run on WordPress’ hosting

  • Cost effective and speedy development

Preferred User Group

  • Who has a working experience with WordPress

  • Wants to test the hypothesis

  • Smaller Range of Products

  • Wants fast and cost effective selling platform

  • Small to medium businesses

  • Businesses with a smaller team or Mom and Pop Stores

All these features and community backed support makes WooCommerce a great platform to build any type of online selling websites. Below are few of the reasons why you should consider us to build your WooCommerce website.

  • Diverse, Expert and highly Experienced team

  • Deep understanding of business goals and pulse on the Industry and the User

  • Great design sense and ultimate UI/UX experience

  • Combination of Creativity and Passion for E-Commerce web designing

  • Highly Organized teams which plan everything

  • We invest heavily in internal training and processes

  • We Understand your time is valuable so always complete projects promptly

  • Understands the security vulnerabilities and constant upgrading ourselves against new threats

  • High testing standards

  • Can build complex and agile E-Commerce websites

  • Ability to develop custom plugins

  • Can help you to build E-Commerce marketplace website

  • All the major payment gateways integration possible

  • All the major logistic and courier integration

  • Multi-currency management for Global buyers

  • Supports digital products

  • Ability to develop custom plugins

  • Cost effective

  • Can manage any hosting environment

  • All the major browsers compatibility

  • Follows best industry practices

  • Understands SEO very well

  • Excellent support system

  • Expertise in optimizing the site speed and optimizing the user experience

  • Support for Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google DFP and Affiliate marketing

Reach out to us to know how WooCommerce can be fitted to your requirements.