Web Development

In today’s Glocal (Global+Local) digital world real challenge is to connect with the right audience, get find on search engines and achieve objectives of web property. Our singular aim is to help everyone accomplishes online goals. Our Web Development will ensure you an agile, robust, secure and scalable web presence to stand out in millions of websites online. We partner with you in taking a giant leap from where you are today to where you wants to be tomorrow.

Our Web Development approach starts from validation of Idea and scope identification. Once we gather enough information, we start planning to organize different areas of a Web Development. In the Web Development process, we also improvise on the go and as and when it requires. After Web Development our testing team conducts extensive testing to rectify bugs and improvements. Once testing is completed, we start Deployment in the real environment. And Finally, we Optimize the entire project to get the desired results.

We have an excellent team of Web Development professionals who are well experienced in a Website Development of any complexity. We use latest technologies and industry trends to design and develop websites to give you the best. We are expert and experienced in Web Development from scratch as well as revamping projects without disturbing current web presence. We provide turnkey solutions from front-end design & development to backend programming and maintenance services in below programming languages, Frameworks and CMS; choose from a variety of our services to Develop your dream website/Web Application.

Our Development Approach

PHP Frameworks

Laravel is built to be simple, easy to learn and supports rapid application development. Laravel has many features that make rapid application development possible. In Laravel get a rich set of features to bring any large scale project to life within days.

CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP framework released in 2006 by EllisLab. CodeIgniter works nicely with shared and dedicated both the hosting environment and an ideal choice if you want to avoid PHP version conflict.

Symfony framework was first released back in 2005 as open source PHP framework by interactive agency Sensiolabs. Symfony is an open source PHP framework which follows the model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm.

Content Management System

WordPress is, as of the time of this writing, by far the most popular CMS on the web, powering about 60 % of all of the websites that use a CMS, and about 24 % of all websites.

Drupal is an open source CMS that was created in 2001 by Dries Buytaert. Drupal is designed to act as a tabula rasa, a blank slate to be customized on all levels.

Joomla is considered the third most popular CMS in the world currently. Many developers consider Joomla as easier to use than Drupal, but a bit more advanced than WordPress.

Custom Plugins Development

WordPress is, as of the time of this writing, by far the most popular CMS on the web, powering about 60 % of all of the websites that use a CMS, and about 24 % of all websites.

Magento is a powerful E-Commerce platform built as an open source solution owned by eBay. It has a huge array of features and functions which can power anything from small online shops to huge multinationals like Nike, Gant or Samsung use Magento.

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