Custom Plugin Development

Open Source CMS and E-Commerce Platforms like WordPress, Magento and Shopify enables the users to manage their content and products easily and more efficiently. It has become a preferred choice for the developers as well as business owners because of speed, agility and cost effectiveness. The functionality of CMS and Open Source platforms can be easily extended using plugins.

Custom plugins prove to be very useful in case of custom requirements in the features and functionality of the website. Unlike pre-made plugins, custom plugins can work exactly the way you want. Thus choosing a custom development service for your site makes absolute sense.

If you are working with a pre-made plugin, the constant concern that keeps bugging you is its security. However, getting a customized plugin developed specifically for your site will assure utmost satisfaction also removes security threats. Here are some of the reasons that why you should go for custom plugins for your website.

  • Your own Choice

  • Speeding up your site

  • Add new functionality

  • Change or remove functionality

  • Increased safety and security of Websites

Having the in-depth understanding and knowledge of the architectural framework and structural capabilities, we develop highly secure, precise and scalable plug-ins, which are time tested for quality and performance both. Our plugin development services includes:

  • Custom Development of Plugins

  • Integration with existing website

  • Plugin Upgradation, enhancement and modifications

  • Plugin Installation

  • Version Management

Regardless of the size and complexity, we can develop remarkable customized plugins for your specific business needs. We also ensure; Secure and error-free plug-ins for cross platforms.  We currently develops custom plugins for below listed CMS and Platforms.

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