WordPress is, as of the time of this writing, by far the most popular CMS on the web, powering about 60 % of all of the websites that use a CMS, and about 24 % of all websites. There are currently More than 70 million websites running on WordPress. WordPress is the best user-friendly content management system, and it is used by over 25% of Alexa rank’s top million websites.

WordPress has been evolved as a complete CMS solution in the recent years. WordPress is feature rich, has lots of n plugins and themes and allows users to build any sorts of websites. Even building a REST API backend is possible now with WordPress thanks to projects like WP-API. Few of the things you can do with WordPress are as below.

  • Ideal for blogging platform

  • Suitable for non-technical users

  • Minimalistic design and simple user interface

  • Best for Small Business websites

  • Perfect for News and Magazines

  • Works best for smaller E-commerce stores

  • Excellent for multilingual websites

  • Multisite using single backend

  • Gets best ranking in Search Engines

All these features and community backed support makes WordPress a great platform to build any websites. Below are few of the reasons why you should consider us to develop your WordPress website.

  • Diverse, Expert and highly Experienced team

  • Deep understanding of business goals and pulse on the Industry and the User

  • Great design sense and ultimate UI/UX experience

  • Combination of Creativity and Passion for web designing

  • Team is highly Organized and plans everything

  • We invest heavily in internal training and processes

  • We Understand your time is valuable so always complete projects promptly

  • Understands the security vulnerabilities and constant upgrading ourselves against new threats

  • High testing standards

  • Can build complex and agile websites

  • Ability to develop custom plugins

  • Cost effective

  • Can manage any hosting environment

  • All the major browsers compatibility

  • Follows best industry practices

  • Uses latest technologies like Google Tag Manager, AMP and Facebook Instant articles

  • Understands SEO very well

  • Excellent support system

  • Most of the plugins we use are custom developed by our team to reduce the vulnerability

  • Expertise in optimizing the site speed and optimizing the user experience

  • Support for Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google DFP and other revenue streams

Reach out to us to know how WordPress can be fitted to your requirements.